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Dr. Ronesh Sinha, MD (AKA "Dr. Ron")

Dr. Ronesh Sinha, author of The South Asian Health Solution, is an internal medicine physician and expert on insulin resistance and corporate wellness.  His groundbreaking work in reversing diabetes and insulin resistance in diverse populations has been featured on the front cover of Fortune magazine and the LA times. He is a top rated speaker for companies like Google, Oracle, Cisco and more (read testimonials), and has been a guest on popular podcasts such as Peter Attia’s The Drive and Mark Hyman’s Broken Brain.  Refer to his media page for lectures, interviews and articles.

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Digbi Health is a personalized nutrition platform based on gut and gene data.  I’m a clinical advisor to the company and there are 2 programs I’m affiliated with: D-Feat diabetes program here and Control weight loss program here

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