Call it holistic, functional, metabolic, integrative, longevity, or whatever, but this episode expresses some of my concerns about the direction of what I refer to as the rising “alt health” movement.

Interestingly, I’m part of both alt health and mainstream medicine, so I’ll share my take from both sides. I’ll discuss:

  • The story of “Dr.Bob,” a fictional alt health practitioner whose practice is rife with hypocrisy and questionable practices
  • The story of “Diane,” a fictional patient anecdote based on patient and audience feedback, who is going bankrupt purchasing alt health services.
  • How the supplement industry is morphing into its own version of “Big Pharma”
  • Defending mainstream doctors, an unfortunate target of the alt health movement
  • Blindspots and potential harms of alt health messaging
  • Some thoughts on how alt health and mainstream medicine can collaborate better

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