Globesity Crisis

Below is a must watch YouTube video on the global obesity (aka “Globesity”) crisis.  Four major obesity hot spots are covered: Mexico, China, Brazil and India.  I encourage you to watch the entire video so you understand the dire economic and commercial forces fueling this health crisis, and also ask you to share with your family abroad who tend to be oblivious to this world they are living in.

In case you wish to watch in  segments, I included an index of the countries covered below in order.  When you get to India at 37 min, be sure to pay attention to the information about how unhealthy pregnancies are literally programming babies for a lifetime of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Many of my adult patients who have led healthy lives for decades often wonder how they developed their diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Unfortunately this seed may have been planted at the fetal stage during a less than optimal pregnancy.  Now don’t blame your mom for this circumstance. Many unhealthy habits during pregnancy were due to a lack of knowledge at the time, misinformation arising from cultural myths and traditions surrounding pregnancy, or even financial constraints that may have prevented more nutritious food choices.

I will cover healthy pregnancy in the future and I discuss this extensively in the book with a dedicated chapter on Women’s Health.  In fact, I feel so passionately about promoting healthy pregnancies as one of the most important ways to prevent globesity and related health issues, that you will receive a free copy of the healthy pregnancy section of my book if you sign up for the newsletter.  Of course the book has far more information to promote a healthy pregnancy, but this free resource will hopefully motivate and empower women planning to get pregnant with some essential guidelines.

Mexico: 3 min 44 sec

China: 17 min 37 sec

Brazil: 23 min 39 sec

India: 37 min