Get Your Energy Back!

I was recently in the UK on sabbatical, working on my 2nd book when I received an e-mail from a patient that made me completely shift from writing my 2nd book to producing a free e-book.  An excerpt is below and I did change a few specifics, to keep it anonymous, including the name at the end.

Dear Dr. Sinha,

I have diligently followed all of your lifestyle recommendations in the book and during our consult visit.  My lab results are the best I’ve ever seen and I have lost 12 pounds, but I must confess that I continue to feel very tired.  I have a very busy job as a software engineer with a daughter in high school and a son about to enter middle school.  By the end of the day I hardly have the energy required to take care of meal prep and keep up with my kid’s endless activities and demands.  What am I doing wrong?  Please help.



Sabita is not alone.  I’ve heard similar accounts from patients and readers from around the world.  Although most feel increased energy levels when they make the recommended lifestyle changes, there are some common pitfalls they often face.  There are other lifestyle components that are neglected, and often conditions like thyroid or adrenal abnormalities manifest.  Along with Sabita’s letter I also got invited to do a webinar for Oracle employees on the topic of fatigue.  I took these as signs that I need to create a resource to help folks improve their energy levels.  Thus the genesis of this 50 page e-book, Recharge. 

I tell patients and lecture attendees that I never intended to be a weight loss doctor.  My top priorities are to make you feel better and live longer.  Weight loss is icing on the cake, but please don’t eat the icing or the cake!  My patients who have lost weight, but who still look and feel worn out are not taking a balanced approach towards lifestyle.  A body under tremendous stress or a body experiencing a chronic illness like cancer or autoimmune disease will produce weight loss.  Many of my patients are eating less, but consuming foods and practicing lifestyle habits that are triggering an autoimmune attack on their body.  This can result in weight loss or weight gain, accelerated aging, and an increased risk of chronic disease, despite you exercising harder and eating fewer calories.

My most gratifying feedback is when patients and readers tell me they feel more alive, more energetic, more productive, and more youthful from the advice I’ve given them.  Recharge is a step towards completely re-evaluating your current lifestyle and gaining a deeper understanding of the direct connection between your habits and your energy levels.  It may not provide all of the answers you are looking for, but I’m confident it will have you asking the right questions and researching the right topics that will put you on the path to reclaiming your energy levels.  Future posts will give you even more information and resources on improving your energy levels, related to the content in this e-book.

To gain access to the free e-book, simply enter your e-mail address into the newsletter box at the top right and you’ll receive a link to the e-book.  I’m sure you know plenty of people suffering from fatigue, so please share this resource with them.

Wishing you abundant energy…always!

Dr. Ron