General and Media Inquiries

To contact Dr. Ron and his staff with general questions and media inquiries fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

    Medical Consults

    To schedule a medical consult with Dr.Sinha in his Los Altos clinic, visit his clinic page here or just call 650-254-5200 and ask for a “new patient consult with Dr.Sinha.” You do not have to be of South Asian background to see Dr.Sinha. It is recommended you have a referral from your doctor and recent labs, especially cholesterol and blood glucose results. Check with your insurance for coverage information (this is a medical specialty consult). Typical wait times to see him vary from 3 months onward. If you do have a wait to see me, you can get a better understanding of my work in advance with some of the following resources:

    Skype Telewellness Consults

    For individuals living abroad who cannot visit Dr.Sinha’s clinic, you can schedule a Skype telewellness consult. This is NOT a medical consult, but instead involves targeted nutrition, stress, sleep and overall lifestyle advice to improve health.  Dr.Sinha’s schedule is typically backed up for several months unless he has cancellations.

    The telewellness consults are online wellness consults meant for individuals outside of California who would like non-medical lifestyle advice from Dr.Sinha.

    Dr.Sinha will review your health history with an emphasis on your nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep patterns.  Based on your risks, he will recommend a tailored lifestyle plan to help you prevent and possibly reverse chronic health conditions.  This is not a medical consult.  Dr.Sinha will not be prescribing medications or making medical recommendations.

    The good news is that through lifestyle advice alone (nutrition, activity, stress and sleep), most of Dr.Sinha’s clients can achieve tremendous success.  Many of Dr.Sinha’s clients have completely reversed chronic cholesterol issues, diabetes and weight problems through his personalized and metabolically tailored lifestyle advice.  He may review your labs, but only to make lifestyle (not medical) recommendations.  He will also provide you with targeted resources and tools if necessary, including videos, books, recipes, apps, and/or devices.

    If you feel you would benefit from a medical consult rather than a lifestyle consult, then please schedule a consult with him at his Los Altos Office. If you live in the Bay Area or are willing to travel, then it is preferred you see him for a live medical consult in Los Altos.

    Send an e-mail to with subject line: “Request Telewellness Consult.”   Please also provide your reason for visit, who you would like to consult with (Dr.Ron for adult and Dr.Shally for children) and days/times that work better for your schedule (Pacific Standard Time).  Dr.Sinha and his team will do their best to accommodate you.

    Dr. Sinha’s area of expertise involves insulin resistant conditions like prediabetes/diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, fatty liver, and obesity/weight loss to name a few.

    To make the most out of the consult, it is strongly recommended you read his book, The South Asian Health Solution, regardless of your ethnic background.  The book describes in detail concepts applicable to any ethnic background.  Check out this post for a condensed version so you can prioritize chapters relevant to your health.

    The RID Online education program is also a highly effective way for you to get educated on how to best serve you and your family. The better educated you are about our approach before the consult, the more value we can provide during the consult.  Please review the blog as well for further information.

    Skype 1 hour Online Consultation with Dr.Ron Sinha: $500

    Skype 30 minute Online Follow-up with Dr.Ron Sinha: $250

    Since this is not a medical consult, insurance will not be billed.

    If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a full refund of your consultation fee.

    As explained above, the consult will provide personalized lifestyle information to help you prevent and potentially reverse chronic health issues. Dr.Sinha will not be ordering tests, managing medications, or recommending specific medical interventions. You must work with your assigned primary care doctor and specialists for medical management of your conditions.

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