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Biohacking Breathing and Oxygen Fasting

Background Breathing is an overlooked gateway to optimal health.  When you breathe better you become more energized, more focused, and more calm.  Spending more time on my breathing has taken my meditation to another level and my aerobic workouts have also improved significantly.  I'm less tired,…

Beware of the Covesity Pandemic

Background Covesity is a slang term found in the Urban dictionary here that references the common weight gain arising from our pandemic lifestyle habits.  I'm going to elevate this term from urban slang to a public health crisis that refers to the mechanism by which obesity, particularly abdominal…

Training for the Covid-19

Background I have many people reaching out to me asking about what supplements they should be taking to combat Covid-19, but they are not fully taking advantage of what is arguably the single most important intervention that can reduce your risk of a serious Covid-19 infection, other than social…

Stress Management Tools and Resources

Updated September 2020 Background I know stress can be an abstract concept which isn't as easily measurable as your weight, blood pressure, or blood glucose.  This is a key reason most individuals have very poor stress awareness and make stress management a much lower priority than nutrition and…

Optimal Health and Performance for the Entire Family

This is a cutting edge 8 week program that equips adults and children with knowledge and practical lifestyle tools to achieve optimal health in the midst of their busy lives. Dr.Sinha and his wife, pediatrician Dr.Shally Sinha, have deep experience in helping families prevent and reverse conditions like obesity, glucose and cholesterol disorders, fatty liver, high blood pressure, pcos, and more. These are also the same conditions that have been shown to increase the severity of Covid-19 infections.

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Woman meditating with nasal breathing

The Power of Nasal Breathing

I was exposed to the concept of nasal breathing from a very early age, but didn’t quite realize its significance.  Breathing is often overlooked as one of the most powerful levers we can pull to impact multiple areas of our health.  It can have profound impact on reducing stress,…

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