In over 30 years of selecting keynote speakers for Seattle Study Club’s annual Symposium, including the likes of Drs. Peter Attia, Peter Diamandis, and Anil Seth, seldom have I found the ideal presenter—one who makes high-level scientific information easy to understand and delivers the goods with a likable, easy going manner and a touch of wit. Dr. Sinha is that rare bird who has it all. Several of our attendees called it the best talk they had seen in years. My advice: Book him now while you still have the chance!

Michael Cohen DDS MSD FACD
Founder, Seattle Study Club

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Testimonials from Health Leaders and Top Companies

Read what major employers like Google, Oracle and Cisco are saying about Dr.Sinha’s programs which are designed to educate and empower.  To Contact Dr.Sinha regarding lecture events and retreats click here.

Mark Hyman

“Ron’s work in improving the metabolic health of ethnically diverse populations is amazing. The education he provides is fantastic. He makes concepts digestible, simple, and actionable.”

Mark Hyman, MD
Renowned physician and 14-time NY Times bestselling author

Peter Attia

“The work Ron is doing and the way he is communicating it has been incredibly valuable and has been a resource to me personally and by extension to my patients.”

Peter Attia, MD
Author of Outllive, Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician and expert in longevity and human performance

Mark Sisson

“Dr. Ron Sinha is a true trailblazer of the Ancestral health movement. He has bravely challenged the flawed and dated conventional wisdom in the mainstream medical community by proposing simple, strategic lifestyle changes that really work. Perhaps most impressive, Dr. Ron’s work is happening on the front lines, as he has prompted dramatic health improvements among large employee groups as well as those of South Asian heritage specifically. Dr. Ron communicates in a straightforward, easy to understand manner, but backs his message with extensive cutting-edge scientific research. “

Mark Sisson
Ancestral health pioneer, founder of Mark’s Daily Apple blog, and Primal Nutrition/Kitchen

Cisco Logo

“As a prominent Bay Area physician, Dr. Ronesh Sinha was invited to be a panelist for Cisco’s first annual men’s health event titled “Health Advice for Guys, Ask the Experts.” Articulate and passionate, Dr. Sinha did a superb job presenting on topics ranging from heart disease to diabetes. Not only is Dr. Sinha a leader in men’s health, but he also is an expert in exercise and nutrition for wellness. Engaging and inspiring, Dr. Sinha captured the audiences’ attention with his thoughtful and vivid answers to every question. He also was incredible with synchronizing his answers and comments with the other panelists, demonstrating his leadership capabilities on stage. I highly recommend Dr. Sinha to deliver your health education presentation and or program because he truly is an inspiration to all who care about their health and well-being”

-Katelyn Johnson, Integrated Health Manager

Oracle Logo

“Dr. Ronesh Sinha’s passion to improve and maintain the health and well-being of others extends well beyond the patients he treats in his medical office. Oracle has engaged Dr.Sinha in a grass roots effort to share culturally tailored health information (with an emphasis on south east Asians) through in-person and webinar presentations. The employee response and participation has been phenomenal.

Dr. Sinha quickly grabs the attention of his audience with his expertise and personable/charismatic presentation style. He makes things real for his audience by connecting common behaviors of Silicon Valley employees and how they contribute to the health issues many struggle with today. He does more than teach – he empowers. Employees learn the medical background, root cause of conditions, and real-life actions/solutions. His suggestions are always very practical, relevant, and realistic.

I highly recommend hosting and/or attending a presentation by Dr. Sinha. Employees (you) will walk away highly informed, armed with practical action steps, and completely motivated and energized. If you host a session – be sure to record and offer a replay option as you will receive many requests for it.”

-Tracy Uyeda, Senior Benefits Consultant

Google Logo

“Dr. Ronesh Sinha has given two extraordinary talks at Google based on his book,The South Asian Health Solution. The human body, its health, and how to keep it operating in a peak state is a complex and often bewildering topic to the general public. Dr. Sinha’s unique talent is that he demystifies this topic, puts it in everyday language and makes it easily accessible to everyone even if you don’t have a healthcare degree. He uses compelling analogies and imagery to help his audience understand exactly what goes on in our body when we eat, exercise, sleep, etc. Most importantly his advice is practical, personalized to diverse cultures, and he empowers listeners to take charge of their health. I strongly recommend him for any lectures, seminars and retreats.”

-Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist Brand Marketing

Cadence Logo

“Dr. Ronesh Sinha (Dr. Ron) has the highest employee attendance of all our presenters in our Benefits programs. He speaks at a level that everyone can understand. He is passionate, enthusiastic, engaging, and knowledgeable about a variety of topics such as “Gut Health and Inflammation,” “More Sleep, Better Sleep,” “The Science of Stress: How Stress Can Seriously Harm Your Health.” He also culturally tailors his talks to diverse audiences so they are inclusive to individuals from any background. It is truly an honor to have someone of Dr. Sinha’s status take time to share his experience and wisdom for our high-tech employees. Our employees leave with practical tools and resources to help them make a change for better in their health. They are always appreciative and grateful for any of his talks. I would definitely recommend him.”

-Malika Neha Lynn, Sr.Benefits Analyst

Yahoo Logo

“We’ve been very fortunate to have Dr. Sinha speak to Yahoo employees on a variety of wellness topics. His seminars are a perfect blend of medical expertise (based on cutting-edge research) presented in a personable and engaging way. In short, our employees love hearing from “Dr. Ron,” and his seminars have grown to become “standing room only” — even in our large lecture halls. He has been a great partner in helping us achieve the vision of Yahoo’s health and wellness programs!”

-Jeff Brady, Senior Benefits Communications Manager

Rambus logo

“Ron has been a presenter at our organization several times over the last year supporting our wellness efforts. Ron is by far our most popular presenter. His energy level, content expertise and professionalism has resulted in increased engagement by our employees in our wellness programs. Ron is approachable, dynamic and delivers information in a format that is easily understood. We are excited about having Ron back for more presentations and are happy to have him as a partner in expanding our wellness programs.”

-Becky Saldivar, Global Compensation and Benefits Manager

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