Online Programs


We’ve designed a unique 8 week online education program geared for adults and/or children struggling with weight loss, insulin resistance (prediabetes/diabetes, cholesterol, PCOS, fatty liver, heart disease, etc.), inflammation, and/or fatigue. Short, engaging animations and practical resources from my wife, an experienced pediatrician, and I will help the entire family get their health on track with special content geared towards women and children. Learn more by going here.

My Talks

Dr. Sinha is a highly sought after speaker who lectures to companies, schools and communities. If you’d like to book him for an event, go to his speaking page.

My Consult Service

If you want to consult with me live, I prefer you see me in my clinic. If you can’t see me live, I may be able to do a Skype teleconsult service depending on my availability. Dr.Shally Sinha is also available to provide Skype pediatric consults.

For more information on live and Skype teleconsults, go to this page.

Health Education Resources

My Book

My book is a great starting point to help you understand your body and exactly how you can start getting healthier.  Readers worldwide have used it to improve their physical and emotional health.

Refer to my condensed guide here to help point you to key areas of my book that are most relevant to your health.


My public videos have been a valuable resource for many of my followers and patients.  Refer to my media page and watch one of my talks, like the one at Google.

My Blog

Nearly every single article written in my blog is researched and written by me. Go to the main blog page here you can also check out the list of popular posts and the category list there as well.

Free E-Books

When you sign up for my newsletter, you get a few free e-books and at some point I’ll be adding more.  If you haven’t signed up, just enter you e-mail in the box on the home page here and you’ll also get personal messages from me on the latest health research, announcements about live programs/events, and my latest blog posts.