I’m on a crusade to help students, staff, and families achieve better mental, physical, and metabolic health.

If you are a:

  • Teacher/Professor (K-College)
  • Parent
  • Student
  • School administrator

Keep reading. This is for you. 

As a medical professional, speaker, educator, and parent myself, one of my missions has been to bring practical, scientifically proven lifestyle habits to schools and families that can be practiced inside and outside school hours.  These are principles I’ve taught to topnotch Silicon Valley companies for over a decade (read testimonials here), and am now spreading to schools across the country.

If you’d like to book me for a wellness seminar please fill out the contact form here and we’ll get back to you. 

If you are interested in purchasing and completing my Whole Family Health online education course, see below.  We’ve had families (including students and teaching staff) from all over the world take this course and benefit. 

Whole Family Health Program

Optimal Health and Performance While You Teach and Learn

This is a cutting edge 8 week program that equips adults and children (including students and teaching staff) with knowledge and practical lifestyle tools to achieve optimal health in the midst of their busy lives.

Dr.Sinha and his wife, pediatrician Dr.Shally Sinha, have deep experience in helping families address common metabolic conditions (obesity, glucose and cholesterol disorders, fatty liver, high blood pressure, pcos, etc.) and mood disorders (stress, anxiety, depression) through lifestyle changes.

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“I had the pleasure to catch one of Dr. Sinha’s presentations when he spoke to our PTSA group about wellness during the pandemic.  I was excited to hear the topic and to get real and pragmatic advice on how to grab opportunities for health and wellness for our staff, our students, our parents, and me.  I have taken and used his advice for both my family and me as we continue to make the best of our situations.  I was so impressed with Dr. Sinha’s calm and expert advice that I have booked him for a staff meeting.”

-Greg Giglio, Homestead High School, CA

Remote learning in the Covid-19 era presents so many challenges to families and education staff. The easy-to-implement strategies that our community learned from Dr. Sinha in only one session are a game changer for physical and mental health. It is astonishing how the restricted motion we are experiencing when sitting and staring at the screen for many long hours affects our entire physique and state of mind. Our family decided to try some of the advice from Dr. Sinha’s talk  and the change was instantaneous. Awareness, understanding, and simple tricks make such a difference that I wish everyone had the opportunity to listen to his seminar. 

– Maya Bronicki, Community Leader