After what seems like an eternity, my book has finally arrived!  Check out the video below and read the book summary so you get a good idea of what this book covers.  It feels so rewarding to share all of the experience and success stories from my consult practice and corporate health education and wellness programs in one book.   This information is geared both for readers who are struggling to achieve optimal health and body composition, and for physicians and health/fitness professionals who are having difficulty getting their patients from diverse cultural backgrounds to reduce risk through lifestyle changes.

The South Asian Health Solution is the first book to provide an ancestral health-based wellness plan culturally tailored for those of South Asian ancestry living in India, the United States and across the world – a population identified as being at the highest risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and related conditions.  South Asians are one of the most sedentary, insulin resistant people on the planet and this unique lifestyle approach to achieving success in this population can be applied to individuals from virtually any ethnic background.  The book addresses laypeople, physicians, and allied health professionals in an effort to overturn conventional approaches that have failed to help high risk patients.   Sample case studies and real-life success stories help to further motivate and educate readers.  The book provides a comprehensive family-based approach to lifestyle changes from infancy to the senior years.  Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to look beyond LDL to accurately interpret cholesterol, including a discussion of the 2013 cholesterol guidelines.
  • Understanding key biometrics and lab results used to monitor health…what Dr.Sinha calls the “Metabolic 6-pack.”
  • How to modify cultural traditions that lead to weight gain and disease
  • Detailed nutrition advice and recipes that have helped patients and wellness clients from all backgrounds optimize body composition and reverse disease.
  • Detailed exercise chapter with illustrations geared towards beginners and advanced exercisers. Includes apps and tips for the most sedentary individuals
  • How to effectively manage sleep, stress and fatigue
  • Recommended high-tech tools and apps (recommended from my TED talk) used successfully in the clinic and during corporate wellness programs
  • Dedicated chapters on women’s health: includes PCOS, healthy pregnancy and weight loss tips tailored specifically for women
  • Dedicated chapter on children’s health co-written by my wife, pediatrician Dr.Shally Sinha.  Takes on pediatric obesity and common lifestyle issues in today’s infants, children and teens.
  • Dedicated chapter on premature aging and senior health, including how to take better care of senior family members.
  • Each chapter ends with special advice for physicians/health professionals who struggle to engage diverse ethnic groups with lifestyle changes

Optimal Health and Performance for the Entire Family

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