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*This is NOT the metabolic wellness program I lead using a continuous glucose monitor, which is offered through my medical group found here.

The Program

This page provides a program summary, detailed past participant testimonials, my bio, and next steps at the end if you decide you’d like to be considered for the program.

The Meta Program is a science-based program that helps high functioning professionals understand the operating system that drives their metabolism and mindset, and how to integrate effective rituals and practices into their chaotic lives. I’ve taken care of too many broken entrepreneurs and professionals, including health care professionals (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) over the years and want to share what I’ve learned. The goal of this program is to leverage my experience to help you implement an intensive repair and reset process, so you can work and play at your full potential.

The program is 100% virtual and includes access to a learning platform with engaging lessons, short videos explaining science and featuring me performing simple daily habits, a weekly evening Zoom webinar to reinforce program concepts, and a group chat where we all motivate each other while sharing tips and practices performed in the midst of our busy lives.

The best way for you to get a sense for the program experience is to read the detailed testimonials below from past participants (click on each testimonial below to expand fully). 

You might be familiar with my content and advice through my other resources (book, podcast, blog, etc.), but putting all these pieces together into one big picture, or what I call meta picture, that can be practiced daily under any conditions is the missing link for most of you. The Meta Program will show you how. *This is NOT a medical or mental health service. If you need help in these areas, please connect with a licensed physician or health practitioner. 

Success Stories


“I highly recommend Dr. Ron’s program even if you’ve read his book and listened to his podcasts like I have. The small group format allows you to ask all of your burning health-related questions. Hearing others’ questions also gets you to think about things that you may not have. There’s a WhatsApp group everyone can contribute to in between sessions to keep the momentum and motivation going. Participants can learn from each other by sharing what they’re doing in between sessions. For example, I found a protein powder I love for the first time ever based on a participant’s recommendation. I also got meal ideas from pictures people shared of what they were eating throughout the day. Dr. Ron is active between meetings on those group chats answering everyone’s questions, providing encouragement, and also sharing what he’s doing throughout the week to apply what he teaches us. Dr. Ron also provides a wealth of content, handouts, and bite-size lessons on a platform that we can reference and review throughout the course.

Dr. Ron is a doctor that clearly cares and is passionate about helping others improve their health. He’s on top of his research and can help you navigate the confusion around conflicting health advice floating around through various forms of media these days. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I appreciate his expertise in being able to disseminate health-related research in a way that’s understandable to a lay audience. That is not an easy task. Dr. Ron also listens to what group members want to learn about and tailors sessions to make sure he addresses our questions.

As a clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology and eating and weight-related concerns, I love how in this program, health isn’t simply “eat this, don’t eat that, and exercise.” Health and our relationship with food and our bodies is so much more complex than that. In this program, Dr. Ron makes improving your health feel easier by providing practical, reasonable, every day behaviors you can incorporate into your day to improve functional strength, nutrition, mental health, longevity, energy, and sleep for your overall well-being. He makes it a point to let people know it’s not about perfectionism or going to any extremes. He encourages being flexible and patient with yourself in the process of improving your health.

I have taken away valuable information from this program and feel better equipped to make small changes day to day that lead to changes in the here and now and contribute to improved long term health. I also feel like I’ve learned a lot about how to talk about improving health with my own clients at my practice. Thank you, Dr. Ron. I wish there were more doctors out there like you!”

“Dr. Ron’s Meta Health program is an incredibly valuable and differentiated offering that is beneficial to people of all walks of life (regardless of age, gender, or health status). As a busy professional with young children and a hectic travel schedule, I have been able to efficiently incorporate Dr. Ron’s teachings to improve my personal health. Dr. Ron distills complex topics into an engaging and easily digestible format, helping us sift through all the confusing and complicated research and news out there in order to understand what is important and why. I have found it particularly helpful how the program is customized to adapt to the needs of group members, with Dr. Ron creating personalized and proprietary content based on questions and goals that we have. Dr. Ron is highly engaged and readily available to answer questions that come up, and also cultivates a positive culture in which participants encourage each other and help hold each other accountable. I highly recommend Dr. Ron’s Meta Health program!”

Dr. Ron’s Meta program is one of the most important and useful health and wellness programs I have discovered. The small group format allows you to ask health-related questions while also listening to others’ questions and thoughts. The team format is incredibly encouraging and motivating. We learn  both from Dr. Ron’s experience and also each other through sharing our own successes and failures in  between sessions.

I am a board-certified emergency physician, emergency department medical director, associate clinical faculty for medical students and residents, husband and father of three and I truly benefited from  techniques to improve my personal health and wellness mentally, physically and emotionally. I have  found that many physicians neglect their own health while simultaneously trying to convince our patients  to make changes that we have yet to commit to doing ourselves!

I have been able to both incorporate the lessons from Dr. Ron in my day-to-day shift work and also share those lessons with my patients in the emergency room to help them manage both acute and chronic disease. I specifically have benefited from the breathing techniques discussed and have shared several of those techniques with patients and my residents and medical students while on stressful shifts with real time benefit!

Dr. Ron is a passionate, caring person and physician dedicated to helping others improve their lives. I absolutely believe he is an expert in being able to disseminate health-related research in a way that’s  understandable to any audience. I consider him a mentor and strive to provide the same value and care  to my patients that he has provided to me and our Meta group. I feel more equipped to make daily changes in my life that will enable me to be both a better husband and father as well as a better  physician and medical leader. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Ron for his work ethic and dedication to improving the lives of individuals both in the short term and the long term.

I have had the opportunity to listen to many health talks from Dr. Ron Sinha at the company where I work, where he often is a guest speaker. I relate to his philosophy of a holistic approach to wellness that includes exercise, nutrition and mindfulness practices. So, when I learnt about the ‘Meta Program’, I wasn’t sure if I would really gain any additional knowledge to help my personal health journey. I was a bit skeptical initially but decided to give it a try anyway.

The Meta Program involves weekly interactive meetings that is supposed to be an hour-long session.  These sessions often ended up being a couple of hours with the active participation of the attendees! The participants came from diverse backgrounds and brought varied perspectives that helped me immensely. I would not have had such an opportunity otherwise. Dr. Ron always took the time to answer all the questions patiently. He never rushed through these meetings. The group was small and we got to know one another well. The WhatsApp group that we were part of was a great sharing medium for everyone. Folks shared information on protein powders, exercise equipment, health tips, etc., We encouraged, supported and motivated one another through this WhatsApp group as well. As part of this program, we had access to a lot of material online that we could review at our convenience.

Personally, I achieved tremendous progress as the weeks went by. The program taught us about exercises, stretching, strengthening, nutrition, improving metabolism, and measuring some core metrics for our personal evaluation and progress.  I was already an avid walker when I joined the program. However, as I put to practice some of the things that I learnt in the program, I started to see improvements in my mile walk test. By the end of 12 weeks, my daily 6 – 8 mile walk times were almost 30 – 40% improved! Never in my wildest dream did I expect to achieve these times! The breathing and recovery techniques helped with my pain management, sleep routine and stress management. As Vice President of software in a technology company, leading global teams, the long hours at work can be tiring and stressful. The tips and tricks that I have adopted in my daily routine is helping manage the stress better. I now know how to address the pain, help with my recovery on a daily basis. I wish I had access to this class much earlier in my life!

Thank you, Dr. Ron, for offering this program and helping me with my personal journey. I am immensely grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and guiding me over the past weeks. I am stronger today and have more energy now as compared to 12 weeks ago! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to help improve their overall health in a holistic approach!

“I found Dr. Ron’s program to be eye opening and inspirational. He does a great job of helping participants understand the connectedness of various aspects of their health and well being. Even as a physician myself, I learned an immeasurable amount of how stress management, breathing, specific exercise, mental health, diet, sleep, and laboratory work are interrelated. His manner is earnest, thoughtful, but also easy going. He is a cheerleader and genuinely interested in your success. He also entertains all participants’ questions and encourages interaction amongst the group. I highly recommend taking this journey with him.”

Dr. Ron’s program is a transformative experience because he’s able to address so many relevant facets of improving one’s health in a single program.  It’s very challenging to find this because few people spend the time to learn so much about so many different topics.  Dr. Ron has become well-versed in ancillary areas (such as exercise, sleep or breathing techniques) to support his expert knowledge in metabolism and diet.  This has put him in position to offer a unique program that effectively prioritizes most, if not all, of the relevant focus points for an overall attack plan on wellness and longevity.

Yes, he has his book and podcasts and other resources.  However, this program is excellent at tying everything together.  Also the interactive component is amazing, especially if you are someone who likes to ask questions like me.  In addition, the Whatsapp chat allowed for communication within the group and also motivated everyone to accomplish goals.

The content on the Zooms was well planned and loaded with detail.  I found myself often wanting to take notes because the takeaways were so useful.  The sessions tied together well with the online resources to produce a complete package, and hearing other people’s questions was a huge bonus.  Dr. Ron was always willing to stay past the scheduled session ending time if there were more questions outstanding.

Most importantly, Dr. Ron really cares about each member’s wellbeing.  At times he was almost like a wellness coach, and I will truly miss his support.  I had a specific ailment that came up during the program, and he went out of his way to point me to resources that he thought would be beneficial.  You can tell that he really wants to help people and that, in itself, is quite uplifting.  I can’t recommend this program enough.

The program helped me cut through the noise and gain actionable insights that I could implement within the framework of my demanding professional and personal commitments. Dr Ron’s empathy towards real life scenarios of the participants and his commitment to help them succeed in making sustainable behavior change made this program stand out from everything i have tried in the past.

I had a very busy job as a management consultant that required me to travel both domestic and internationally, and I just had our fourth child who was a preemie, so my life was extremely hectic at the time I was considering signing up for the Meta program. I decided to join since I had trust in the value I would get given how much Dr.Ron’s content had helped me already. It was the best decision I ever made! I missed a few sessions but the recorded Zooms and ability to communicate with Dr.Ron and the group helped me catch up. Each session built on the one before so the sequencing of the course really helped me build a strong foundation. The course content really taught me how to incorporate healthy practices in the midst of my busy work and family life. The learnings from this course are practical yet extremely novel. Dr Ron does a great job of explaining very complex health, exercise and nutrition topics in a highly consumable fashion, while teaching us exactly how to balance all these priorities without it becoming overwhelming.

I considered myself a very well-read and healthy individual prior to this course, but identified several gaps in my knowledge, and was frankly shocked that I haven’t been exposed to most of these concepts before. The course is an investment in yourself and will stop you from setting yourself further back and get you on the path to a healthy life, regardless of your individual circumstances.

Why Me?

The wellness space is crowded and for any program you are considering, you should know who will be leading you on your journey, and to feel assured that you have deep experience and expertise to help guide you. 

I’m an experienced physician who designs wellness programs for top Silicon Valley companies, while also running a busy consulting practice where I use lifestyle techniques to prevent and reverse metabolic disorders such ase insulin resistance. I’ve had physicians and health leaders from around the world consult with me to learn my approaches (listen to my interview with Dr. Peter Attia here for a sample). You can read testimonials from the top health leaders (Dr.Mark Hyman, Dr.Peter Attia, Mark Sisson) and leading tech companies at this page

I am also currently the Chief Medical Officer for Silicon Valley Employer Forum, where I help advise on global benefits strategy. My clients are comprised of CEOs of major companies, elite athletes, and highly successful professionals, and my work in wellness has been featured on the front cover of Fortune Magazine.  

I’m repeatedly told by clients and corporations that my content is the most engaging, unique, inspirational, and immediately usable information they have ever come across.

I also want to let you know that I’m just like you. I sometimes struggle with food, mood, finding meaning and purpose, and more. In addition to sharing cutting edge science, I plan to share personal stories and how I overcome challenges, so you can apply these same principles to your own life. I do enough lecturing as part of my day job, so this format will be something unique, intimate, and transformative.

The Process

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*This is NOT the metabolic wellness program I lead using a continuous glucose monitor, which is offered through my medical group found here.