The Meta Program

The Meta Program is launching October 2023. This exclusive and small group program has limited spots. Enter your e-mail address and name below to get further details. Watch the video and read the summary below to learn more.

*This is NOT the metabolic wellness program I lead using a continuous glucose monitor, which is offered through my medical group found here.

Why are You Here?

You’ve pushed and struggled your whole life to get to this point…as an entrepreneur, as a successful leader in a large corporation or start-up, as a physician, an attorney, etc., but feel burned out and empty. 

Your drive has diminished and your energy reserves are depleted. You might have sacrificed some combination of your health, quality time with your loved ones, and possibly key relationships to get here, and are wondering whether it’s worth it all and how to keep pushing forward. 

Or perhaps you do love your career and you’ve got great relationships, but are concerned about your physical and mental health now and going forward. Does any of this resonate?

It did for me. I want to show you how I found my path, and how I’ve helped so many others find theirs.

The Program

The Meta Program helps high functioning individuals understand the operating system that drives their metabolism and mindset, and how to integrate effective rituals and practices into their chaotic lives.  I’ve taken care of too many broken individuals over the years, including professionals and entrepreneurs, and want to share what I’ve learned. 

The goal of this program is to leverage my experience to help you implement an intensive repair and reset process so you can work and play at your full potential. 

Understanding how your mind and body produce energy is essential to you leading the best life you possibly can.  You cannot thrive personally or professionally unless you understand and optimize your underlying energy systems.

The foundation of my approach is based on science, because that’s the language that resonates most with me and my audience. 

You might have found me through my book, my blog, my lectures, my podcast interviews, or some other media outlet, and may have picked up on various pieces of my core fundamentals. 

Putting these pieces together into one big picture, or what I call meta picture, that can be practiced daily under any conditions is the missing link for most of you. The Meta Program will show you how. 

This is NOT a medical or mental health service. If you need help in these areas, please connect with a licensed physician or other health care practitioner. 

Why Me?

I’ve been designing wellness programs for Silicon Valley companies for years and have a busy consulting practice where I use lifestyle techniques to prevent and reverse metabolic disorders such ase insulin resistance. My clients are comprised of CEOs of major companies, elite athletes, and highly successful professionals, and my work in wellness has been featured on the front cover of Fortune Magazine.  

I’ve had physicians and health leaders from around the world consult with me to learn my approaches (listen to my interview with Dr. Peter Attia here for a sample). I am also currently the Chief Medical Officer for Silicon Valley Employer Forum, where I help advise on global benefits strategy. 

I’m repeatedly told by clients and corporations that my content is the most engaging, unique, and inspirational information they have ever come across.

This program will provide you with a wealth of even more updated and personalized content that you can apply to your everyday life. For a sample of some of my testimonials from renown health leaders and top companies, visit this page.

It’s a little uncomfortable for me to list out my credentials, but you deserve to know who will be leading you on your journey, and to feel assured that you have deep experience and expertise to help guide you. 

I also want to let you know that I’m just like you. I often struggle with food, mood, relationships, finding meaning and purpose, and more. In addition to sharing cutting edge science, I plan to share my personal stories to help guide you. I do enough lecturing as part of my day job, so this format will be something unique, intimate, and transformative. 

Finally, I understand that men and women have different challenges they face at work and at home. Dr.Shally Sinha, a pediatrician trained in integrative medicine who has helped busy working women find balance and purpose, will be offering additional support sessions.

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The Meta Program will not launch until Oct 2023. Reserve a spot now. I can’t wait to help you!

*This is NOT the metabolic wellness program I lead using a continuous glucose monitor, which is offered through my medical group found here.

The Power of Groups

I’ve interacted with individuals in every setting imaginable, ranging from intimate one-on-one consultations to mass webinars with thousands of participants. The greatest impact I’ve had by far is working in smaller groups where individuals learn from me and their peers.

I personally have been an emotional suppressor for years, and working in groups has been a tremendous healing force. If you’ve been struggling, mostly alone, I invite you to experience the power of learning and working in groups selected by me and led by me. The time commitment honors busy schedules and provides flexibility as well.

The Process

Like you, my time is extremely limited and in order to determine if this program is right for you, I will have you do the following:

  • Fill out this simple questionnaire, and I will personally decide, with the help of my team, if this program is a good fit for you. 
  • If you qualify based on the above, further details of the program will be shared 

What are some of the components of the program?

  • Weekly sessions led by me
  • Weekly core program content sent to you
  • Practical tips and habits taught to you in real time so you integrate it into your busy life

Join the Waitlist

The Meta Program will not launch until 2022. Reserve a spot now. I can’t wait to help you!

*This is NOT the metabolic wellness program I lead using a continuous glucose monitor, which is offered through my medical group found here.