Watch My Google Talk on Curing Diabetes in Diverse Cultures

It’s almost the end of November, which is National Diabetes awareness month here in the US.  My talk at Google on curing diabetes in diverse cultures just went live.  Many of my followers who have attended my prior talks have called this the best, most informative talk yet.  Please watch the talk below and share with others who you think can benefit.

I don’t just talk about diabetes, but also focus on weight loss, especially the challenges in women, fatty liver, high triglycerides and more.  In addition, my wife, pediatrician Dr.Shally Sinha, joins me at the end for the Q&A session to answer some great questions on children’s health.

The talk is also a good introduction to my body of work which is further supported by my book, my online program and other resources.

Finally, join me and my phenomenal dietitian, Prerna Uppal, for the encore of our very successful wilderness retreat in Scott’s Valley, California at the incredible 1440 retreat center where we’ll focus on reversing diabetes and chronic illness and restoring energy levels.  Register here.  If you work for a major Silicon Valley company (Oracle, Google, etc.), reach out to me directly for a corporate discount coupon code, by e-mailing us at

Enjoy the talk!