My TEDx on Prescription Apps

Sorry it took so long for me to post this. My first TEDx was a non-broadcast event (not online) back in 2013, in front of a bunch of execs and movers and shakers in the community, held at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in San Jose.  This time around I had a different audience.  Students and their parents at Monta Vista high school in Cupertino.  I was particularly interested in this audience since they are in a critical stage of their life where career and health decisions can really set the foundation for their future.  A significant number of them are pre-meds and I wanted to make sure they were in it for the right reasons.  My topic for this particular talk was how I use Apps and media to engage my patients and leverage my message to a broader audience, like you guys.  There were a few unexpected  imperfections on the day of the talk…no slide prompter, handheld instead of lapel mic’, sound cutting off during one of my punchlines at the end…but it was still a fun event and as you know from an older post, I’m trying to shed my perfectionist tendencies!

Join Our Bay Area Meetup Group

Now that you’ve met me online via TEDx, aren’t you dying to meet my team and I in person???   We finally formed a Meetup group to connect live with our Bay area audience. The Meetup group is my attempt to finally get out of closed corporate offices where I normally lecture as part of my day job, and relax and learn with folks in a more open and casual atmosphere.  I’ll be joined by my pediatrician wife, Dr. Shally Sinha, who c0-wrote the children’s chapter of my book,  and she can answer questions like why your kid is not eating their vegetables and is addicted to sugar and pizza.  She’s also done some training in integrative and functional medicine so can offer a more holistic take on health.  Prerna Uppal, our talented nutritionist, will share her wealth of knowledge on nutrition, stress reduction, exercise and even share a few tips on Bollywood dance!

The Meetup group is called the Bay Area Ancestral Health for All Cultures and Diets.  Is that inclusive enough for you?  If you haven’t done Meetup before, just click on the invite below, join our group and be sure to RSVP for our opening event on Sunday 7/26.  We’re hoping it’s going to be really hot so you can develop some of that heat tolerance I touted in my last post and we are planning to provide absolutely no food so you can also practice intermittent fasting, which I discussed in the post before that.  You’ll be burning body fat while learning…all free of charge.  Hope to see you there!